Health and Safety

But some are doing a better job? You might think!

Please read below on some practices our competitors are following and we strongly disagree with it.

Lately we have seen some of these vans driving about stamped with a scaffolding company name on it. Such a message will no doubt make people think we are an industry full of caveman! Desperate PR I am afraid and demonstration of failure! Here is why!

  1. One should know and trust who is working for you and this clearly demonstrates the failure on your management
  2. You are demonstrating that you have no control of who is attending workplace! Clearly endangering the life of others workers 

Every scaffolding company has a duty of care to make sure!

Before people attend site that they know and obey company rules, this should be made clear in an interview as well as ongoing weekly company wide team talks! We also find that allowing people to call in sick instead of threatening them with their p45 is much better practice than forcing them to attend work at any state that they might find themselves in.

Don't Think, Just About Revenue and Turnover!

Also not overloading yourself with work that you desperately need to get done will allow you to switch between workers that you have and trust cutting the need of desperation to appoint whoever can turn up! If this can be followed, it saves on unnecessary PR and one shall have more control of what is going on internally!

We leave it at that and give you the below link to see how we also think about the safety of those that we might interact day to day sharing our routes to work and back.