Care For Other Road Users

Meet the Econic's. In 2009 we went on to a pioneering invention to deal with a very important issue facing cyclists and hgv's in London. How do we get a bike friendly HGV for the busy London urban area's. We decided to buy a recycling truck and strip it off to a chassis and put a flat bed on it for scaffolding transportations, it was a test that proved very successful and we made some headlines with it, with Boris Jonson major of London at the time commenting on introducing Econics as the only trucks to be used in London. See the article link for more.

We hold the crown for being the first ever company in the UK to have presented such vehicles for alternative use outside the recycling industry. And we strongly believe everyone should switch their fleet to this model for the safety they provide to specially bicycles and motorbikes.

The height of the driver is in line with that of a cyclist and the front undisturbed glass gives a perfect 360% view. Since its introduction in 2009 we have had 0 reports from our drivers for near miss or complaints from other road users.

We try our best due diligence to be responsible for all our activities, whether they are work place related, environmental issues, or third party involvement.