Your Safety Is Our Priority

"Celebrating our 12th year in business with zero accidents"

As well as offering a very competitive scaffolding service, we are also a well-known company that makes health and safety a top priority in every community that we touch.

One team approach to accomplish shared purposes

We are able to compete on price because of our expertise in devising cost-effective solutions, We employ our own workforce and own our entire inventory of scaffolding materials.


We believe there is always more than one way to do anything and over the years, our willingness to be guided by our clients has opened up fresh possibilities and led to continued innovation.


By its very nature scaffolding is to provide a safe, level platform upon which our client's can transit over the construction site and move their plant, materials and tools around with ease. It is important that we are seen to set the example for others and behave with diligence in regard to safe work practices at all times.

The essential and successful completion of any construction project is when you have the ability to record 0 accidents. We dedicate 100% safety to any scaffolding project we undertake and since our incorporation in 2009 have managed to keep our safety records to 0 incidents.

Maintaining good standards of housekeeping is an essential part of our day-to-day working
activities. If we keep a good, clean, and tidy working environment, we are halfway to providing a
safe working environment. Good housekeeping is the responsibility of all employees at all levels. It is a continual on-going process that everyone has a part to play in maintaining it.

Working in and around scaffolding can be incredibly dangerous if the structures are not in suitable condition for use or have been set-up poorly. This is why it is so vital to perform regular inspections on any scaffolding being used.

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Scaffolders in London.

Scaffolders in London, Scaffolding Rental Company London. Residential and Commercial scaffolding Hire.

We have over 20 years of combined experience as scaffolders in London and the labor hire industry. Our clients range from government bodies and large construction companies to smaller sub-contractors such as painters, plumbers, lift installers, electricians, roof tilers, and renders. Alongside these, a large percentage of our customers are homeowners carrying out both minor and major renovations.

Professional Scaffold Hire Company

It is important to pick a safety-first service when choosing a scaffolding company in London, or even if you decided to go with one-man band scaffolders. Unlike other tradesmen, scaffolding is a high-risk industry and you shall do your due diligence before hiring scaffolding.
How We Managing Risks on Scaffolding in London
As well as being known to offer a very competitive scaffolding service, we are also a well-known scaffolding company that makes health and safety a top priority in every community that we touch.
Our high safety standards are passed on to all our employees through updated training, toolbox talks, regular site inspection, as well as daily and weekly talks.

Commercial Scaffolders London

With commercial scaffolding, our fully trained team of scaffolders is certified to erect all types of commercial scaffolding. We will carry out all risk assessments prior to any project, as well as the required health and safety checks throughout the construction of the scaffolding. 

For any Commercial Scaffolding, we can custom build any type of commercial scaffolding in London, from temporary roof scaffolds, wall supports, access towers and full building surrounds, so they fit correctly to your building to ensure they are safe and secure.

 Experienced Commercial Scaffolding Experts in London

Commercial Scaffolding expert, working alongside other tradespeople on your projects to get the best results in a safe and efficient manner. 

Our commercial scaffolding solutions include:

  • Mobile scaffolding > Tower scaffolding > Industrial scaffolding advertising banners and boards > Contract scaffolds > Full building scaffolding >Signboard support



If you have any scaffolding requirements for your next project get in touch for your free consultation 

Scaffolding Companies London

Most scaffolding contractors and scaffolding companies in London overlook the aftercare process when a job is complete, and that is what makes us different as a scaffolding company. We make sure all our customers are 100% satisfied before taking down any of our scaffolding. Likewise, before we start on any project, we make sure all our client's questions are answered or, if you need any advice, our guys will be glad to provide that information.


We offer services for refurbishment, re-roofing, paintings, chimneys, handrails, extensions, bird cages, new builds, and more. Our aim is to make the scaffold erection process as stress free as possible and to limit any disruptions involving your property or structure.


Whether it is a domestic or commercial project, you can rely on us to supply and erect your scaffolding to the highest standards. Our highly trained Liverpool scaffolding professionals offer only a first-class service.


Through our value-added advantage and quality services, we have earned the trust of our customers. We guarantee that our work will be accomplished in line with site-specific safety policies. We will never compromise safety for productivity. If you have a special request of any type regarding the scaffold erection for your building, then give our office a call for a chat. We will be happy to accommodate you.