View Costumer Testimonials Welcome To Lite We are a family owned scaffolding company with a very clear mission: to deliver a safe workforce that provides quality scaffolding service. Our customer focus is building an excellent relationship, while allowing the company to continue its own growth in a manner by maintaining the highest standards for safety and quality. See Our Work Experienced Way back in 2007 Nick was in his mid 20's 👶 working with Ernest and Arthur as the A team of any company they ever worked for. It was then where the idea popped in Nick's head, if we are so good, why don't we do our own thing! Lite was born, the rest is history, and the values of the A team have become a company heritage. Build Need and Eye Caching Scaffold Structures Get To Know Us Better Maintaing Workers Wellbeing An open secret to the success of every company is the happiness of its workforce, We maintain our human touch with all our workers by making sure that everyone's needs are accomplished and everyone is made to feel they are part of a family not just a number in a company. Find Out More About Us Here Different It’s not about being the best. It’s about being better than we were yesterday, striving to deliver a scaffolding service that reaches beyond the industry standards. Always maintain a safe and respectful culture around communities that we touch. Learn More About Hiring Scaffolding Transparent Combining the latest technologies and human knowledge. We achieve trust by being transparent throughout our work process. You know exactly what you're getting at each step. Everything we do, it's done with 5 elements in mind, Design, Calculate, Team Talk, Safety & Progress Learn More On Our Invention Road Care & Responsibilities In 2009 we went on to a pioneering invention. The idea? How do we get a bike friendly HGV for the busy London roads and it's urban area's?

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Proudly offering scaffolding services in the entire South East England, covering London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Hampshire etc..,

Our mission is to be the prime example scaffolding company for others to follow.

Always innovating and collaborating on new ideas to make sure that the service we offer is always appreciated by the end user. Call us today for a free quote, we are happy to hear from you.